Making tech talk

Making tech talk

Relaunching a fantastic tech product that no one realised had launched in the first place.

Client: Danish industrial powerhouse
Relationship: Client-based, working with agency for implementation
Commissioned by: Client
Services provided: Analysis, strategy, creative direction, copywriting
Project duration: 2 months (client relationship has existed unbroken since 2002)

The brief

This client is a world technology leader in cooling, motion control, heating solutions, specialist business IT applications and more. 18 months prior to this project, they had launched an exciting new product that had failed to excite the market. Following a recent technical upgrade, the challenge was to see whether reworking the communications platform could improve the fortunes of what was an excellent product.

The approach

I began by analysing all existing communications. I then spent two days talking with the company’s marketing and sales teams. We identified a major gap between what they believed they had communicated and what their customers understood. In a line, the customers weren’t sure what the product did or how to use it. So I exploited my outsider’s perspective to examine and define the entire sales proposition again, from the ground up.

The method

Create a fully integrated suite of communications, including offline and online elements, which 1) clearly explained what was a relatively complex product, and 2) did so with a simplicity and style that customers would relate to and find appealing. Working closely with the client’s great young agency team, we created a beautifully simple, visually striking campaign that presented a top-quality, innovative product in a warm and informative way.

The result

Initially intended as a test campaign within a limited area of the European market, the new campaign was soon running across the entire region. Sales teams were delighted to have material that really explained the product’s key benefits, and customers seemed to agree. Sales have comfortably exceeded projections.

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