Selling luxury to the cost-conscious

Selling luxury to the cost-conscious

Giving fleet buyers reasons to buy the luxury cars their employees craved but they thought the CFO would never allow.

Client: Prestige German car manufacturer
Relationship: Mainly via agency, with regular client meetings
Commissioned by: Agency6
Services provided: Analysis, concept development, creative direction, copywriting
Project duration: 4 days, leading to 18 months

The brief

My art director partner and I were initially commissioned by the agency to work on the pitch for the whole of this prestigious client’s B2B business. We won the business for the agency concerned, putting their pitch together for them in just four (long) days from a standing start.

Our first big task was to build the client’s position in the highly lucrative fleet market. We came in on the back of a fleet sales ad campaign the client had just run that created zero recognition. Respondents didn’t even know which company the ads had come from. They were in bad need of some good ideas.

The approach

Head down to the nearest major dealer and start asking questions. Then start talking to fleet buyers and find out what they wanted to know and how they wanted it delivered. By email? No. In print, with tear-out fact pages that could be pinned on their office walls.

The client told us they couldn’t precisely define the decision-makers in their audience; they were too diverse. So we started looking not at the diversity – from high-earning HR heads to mid-earning PAs – but for the commonality. Every group has at least one touch point that everyone will respond to. All we had to do was to find that touch point.

The method

Tell fleet buyers what they want to know, and give dealers that information in a format they will be proud to send out and that they know will get read. So what do all fleet buyers want to know, regardless of whether they are buying 500 cars for a major bank, or one car for themselves? Answer: what’s it going to cost me? And again, the million-dollar question: how do I justify to my finance director my decision to buy a prestige car?

The result

The quarterly fleet news magazine we conceptualised and wrote shot out of the client’s marketing department almost before the ink was dry and went to an immediate reprint. Crisp, factual, informative and easy to use. With a perforated, tear-our fact sheet at the back, which post-campaign research proved fleet buyers tore out and stuck on their walls. And used to discover that the prestige fleet car they craved was going to cost them less over three years than the dull family car they thought they were going to be stuck with. End of argument.

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